Disproving the news on EXMO’s introduction of Humaniq token

In April 2017, representatives of the Humaniq project published their new materials on the devoted crypto-currency resources, declaring the crypto-currency platform EXMO is among the exchanges set to introduce the Humaniq token as one of its exchange tools.

The crypto-currency platform EXMO has made an official statement to declare this information is not true. The crypto-currency exchange EXMO did not conduct negotiations with representatives of Humaniq regarding the introduction of a new token. In the near future, EXMO does not plan to add the Humaniq token to the platform.

Dear users, we would like remind that EXMO announces its latest introductions and novelties in advance on the official resources of the platform (the News section on the website, the Telegram channel, VK, Facebook, Twitter). Use the first-hand sources to follow the updates.

On the EXMO project:

It’s a universal platform combining all possible areas of application of crypto-currencies. As of today, 400,000 users from more than 217 countries enjoy the service. We can say with confidence that EXMO meets the highest standards of providing the exchange and storage service for crypto-currencies and fiat money.